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About Us

Message of the Chairman

Libano-Suisse was created in 1959 in a partnership between Union Re Zurich and a group of prominent Lebanese businessmen with the necessary know-how in national insurance to allow a brand new company to seize the market from foreign agencies.
Message of the Chairman

What was then to stop us from exporting our expertise in this key industry across the Arab world?

Ever since then, we have taken every opportunity to open new branches, agencies and subsidiaries, starting with the Gulf and Jordan in the 60’s and 70’s and Africa in the 80’s. In so many ways, we have been the pioneers of reliable insurance in the Middle East.

Over the past fifteen years, we took stock of the rapidly changing regional market and reinforced our presence in the area. The challenge was to successfully integrate all that we were excellent at, so as to establish ourselves as the only insurer with the required international experience and local knowledge.

With technical competence came added financial skills, as well as rigorous ethical and professional codes to benefit customers and shareholders. Both are further supported by first class reinsurance partners of international repute. The past decade has seen remarkable progress and achievement in a number of divisions of Libano-Suisse, not least our information technology and online services, which have increased productivity and enhanced customer relations. Moreover, the company has improved its educational program for staff, with fresh ideas and acquired talent.

Today’s challenges in the market require the right solutions, which might mean a reinforcement of capital, new products and distribution channels, developing cross-selling potential and synergy between our companies. In the rapidly changing environment of business culture, global power shifts and technological advancements, we aim to be flexible enough to deal with rising demands and anticipate worldwide insurance trends.

We have earned the trust of our clients with expert knowledge of risk, fairness in times of crisis and a speedy response to the market. Now we face the future together.

Michel Pharaon
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