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We are committed to delivering excellent service to customers and constantly work to improve our products and procedures. By anticipating and responding to changing needs, offering tailored products, and smooth settlement of claims, we aim at securing customer confidence.
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Libano-Suisse GlobeMed Assist®: A Successful Global Medical Repatriation!

The demand for medical repatriation services has grown enormously over the past decade as a result of an increase in foreign travel and adventure holidays.
Recently, a patient was on her first visit to Yerevan where she had a brutal fall. She was taken to a local hospital where an x-ray was performed and a serious fracture was diagnosed. Being a Libano-Suisse adherent, a leading Lebanese insurance company, the patient wanted to come back to Beirut for treatment. According to her medical report, her case required a fully equipped air ambulance to operate this medical repatriation from Yerevan back to Lebanon. The airline was going on strike and it was impossible to put the patient’s condition at risk of bleeding and fat embolism.

Within no time, GlobeMed Assist®, the international customer support center in Beirut, cleared the eligibilities and together with GVA, its International Assistance Group correspondent in charge of Armenia, secured the repatriation with the German FAI air ambulance. The patient was escorted by a medical crew on board ensuring a proper care.
Once landed in Beirut, a private ground ambulance with a nurse escort, already notified by GlobeMed Assist®, was waiting to meet the patient at the door of the plane and transport her directly to Hotel Dieu de France hospital where the patient has been hospitalized.
The patient is now feeling well and recovering from her surgery. The estimated cost of such a claim including the air ambulance was around US$ 40,000. The patient did not pay a penny!

Libano-Suisse GlobeMed Assist®: A Triumphant Medical Repatriation!

One may think that the most important factor when seeking medical attention is the advancement of the practice used, however, another important factor is a patient’s comfort, as it is an added value to having a swift recovery.

Recently, we encountered a case that required a patient’s comfort, in which a Libano-Suisse adherent was on vacation in Montreal, and when his medical condition worsened, his worried wife decided to repatriate him back to Beirut. The patient attempted to book his trip on a commercial airline, however due to the severity of his condition and the airline’s stopover in Europe, it was not feasible. The case was eventually transferred by his insurance company to GlobeMed Assist®.

After carefully discussing the situation with his physicians in both cities, the GlobeMed Assist® team of professional doctors scheduled his return to Beirut via air ambulance. It was fully equipped, and had a physician and inhalation expert on board for safety precautions. Upon arrival to Beirut’s Rafiq Hariri International Airport, a fully equipped ambulance was waiting for the patient on the tarmac.
Patient was subsequently treated and is currently well!

Al Makhazen Thanks Libano-Suisse

Following the blaze that ravaged its warehouses on November 3rd, 2000, Al Makhazen thanks the insurance company, Libano-Suisse, for initiating a complete and prompt indemnification for the losses it suffered.
The Libano-Suisse has compensated the insured commercial companies for a total amount of $ 6,000,000 ($6 million), $ 3,000,000 ($3 million) of which was paid within the 2 months following the accident.
Thanks again to Libano-Suisse
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