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Atout Yacht


  • Specially tailor-made for small yachts
  • Availability of four different plans
  • Reasonable price
  • Possibility of upgrading coverage
Atout Yacht
The Atout Yacht Insurance policy covers loss or damage to your yacht and its contents subject to the navigational limits and Libano-Suisse policy terms, conditions and exclusions.
Atout Yacht is an All Risk cover in respect of your pleasure yacht of any type or size, within the Lebanese waters only (extensions agreed on case-by-case basis).

The cover includes vessel, machinery, gear, equipment such as would normally be sold with the yacht.

Insured perils are as per Clause 9 of the Institute Yacht Clause 328 dated 1/11/85 including but not limited to perils of the seas, fire, jettison, piracy, earthquake, volcanic eruption, lightning and theft.

This Policy covers also Third Party Liability including Passenger Liabilities &/or Liabilities to/or from water skiers up to a limit not exceeding the yacht value.


1% of yacht value each and every loss.
  • Liabilities arising out of poisoning and or due to Food / Beverage / Drink served on board.
  • Liabilities arising out of diving activities.
  • Hire &/or Charter vessel.
  • Race activities & racing sailboats.
*Please refer to the General Conditions for full list of exclusions.
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