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Bankers Blanket Bond

Bankers Blanket Bond
The Bankers Blanket Bond insurance comprises several sections known as Insuring Clauses. You may bind all Insuring Clauses or select only those that are relevant to its business.

Insuring clauses under Bankers Blanket Bond

  • Dishonesty of employees: financial loss due to dishonest or fraudulent acts of employees.
  • Premises risk: loss of property resulting from theft, unexplained disappearance, damage, destruction or misplacement.
  • Transit: loss or damage to property whilst in transit anywhere in the world in the custody of employees and including transits carried out by courier service or by registered post.
  • Forged cheques: loss sustained due to the forgery or fraudulent alteration of cheques, bills of exchange, drafts, acceptances, withdrawal orders, certificates of deposit, letters of credit and money order.
  • Forged securities: loss sustained by an organisation due to its having acted upon other types of securities or documents, which are not otherwise insured, under the forged cheques section.
  • Counterfeit currency: losses sustained from the acceptance in good faith of counterfeit notes or coins at the Insured's premises.
  • Damage to offices and content: loss or damage to furniture, fittings and equipment arising from burglary, theft, hold-up and other criminal acts.
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