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Perpetual Health Plus

Perpetual Health Plus
Because your time is precious and you always expect the best, the HEALTH PLUS Plan has been created with your absolute comfort in mind. HEALTH PLUS goes beyond your expectations to give a sense of well being and peace of mind, whether as a hospital patient or for outpatient services.
As a HEALTH PLUS member, ensuring your hospital admission and comfortable stay is our responsibility.
The HEALTH PLUS team will:
  • Take care of all your hospital admission formalities (cold cases).
  • Welcome you with an amenity kit and chocolates to sweeten the rest of your stay.
  • Deliver newspapers to your hospital room.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable stay while at the hospital.
  • Handle your hospital discharge formalities and ensure your departure is smooth and hassle-free.
As a HEALTH PLUS member, carrying out a blood test is easy with no need to leave your home anymore.
The HEALTH PLUS team will:
  • Arrange for a laboratory nurse to visit you at home and take your blood sample.
  • Secure prior approval from Libano-Suisse.
  • Help retrieve your results efficiently.
  • Follow up with you for any additional services you may need.
As a HEALTH PLUS member, you will benefit from a range of exclusive privileges.
Your HEALTH PLUS exceptional benefits:
  • A second medical opinion provided by a top tier medical practitioner from Lebanon and abroad.
  • An upgrade to your existing personal accident coverage to $20,000.
  • Up to 10 days free international travel insurance policy coverage while abroad.

Because your health is precious and you always expect the best, the Health Plus Plan comes with Wellness Care services that give you even greater reassurance. Wellness Care services focus more on prevention, awareness, and follow-up to improve your health and well-being.


Wellness Care services include:


• Physician Consultations

• Health Questionnaires

• Wellness Coach Consultations

• Wellness Assessment

• Dietitian Assessment and much more…


Don't think being healthy is rewarding? Think again!


During the year, all you have to do is complete fitness milestones to receive your gifts!

You also get rewards at year-end depending on your score!





Day 0-30

13 points

• Physician Consultation

• Health Questionnaire

• Electronic Medical File


GoodCare Clinics Access Card

Discounts on services at the clinic!


Day 30-60

23 Points

• Wellness Coach Consultation

• Wellness Questionnaire

• Setting Goals

• Download FIT App

• Influenza Shot

• Dietitian Consultation



Valuable Rewards

* Terms and conditions apply and upon availability


Day 60-120

36 points 

• Wellness Coach Consultation 2

• Wellness Questionnaire 2

• Assessment of Achieved Goals 1

• Dental Consultation & Scaling



Juice Up Vouchers; Yummy & healthy? Yes please!


Day 120-240

16 Points

• Wellness Coach Consultation 3

• Wellness Questionnaire 3

• Assessment of Achieved Goals 2

• Diphtheria and Tetanus Vaccine



Dietitian Voucher to keep you feeling your best & Valuable Rewards 

* Terms and conditions apply and upon availability


Day 300-360

12 Points 

End of Year Assessment 



Renewal Premium Rewards, because being healthy pays off literally.


And That's not all!

To kick-start your wellness journey, you are getting a FREE yoga session!

Book your appointment now  +961 1 217 351





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