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Baalbeck International Festival 2014

Baalbeck International Festival 2014
01.01.2014 - 01.01.2014
Time: 02:00 PM
Place: Baalbeck

Libano-Suisse and the Baalbeck International Festival 2014: A Renewed Commitment
Official Partner of Baalbeck International Festival 2014

The beginning of every summer is a time when Libano-Suisse joins all Lebanese in dreaming of the good old days, and when the Baalbeck International Festival committee announces its annual program, which has been building bridges between our country and the world for more than fifty years

As Libano-Suisse has been a firm supporter of creative, artistic and cultural activities since our foundation fifty years ago, it was only natural that we should renew our partnership with the Baalbeck Festival for the second year running. We are particularly thrilled that the Festival’s entire 2014 season will be held once again in Baalbeck’s historic temples, thus sending a reassuring message that Lebanon will forever remain a country of civilization and cultural heritage, come what may.

Libano-Suisse considers this cultural event, taking place amid current circumstances, as a major breakthrough. On this occasion, we pay tribute to the tremendous efforts being made to attract those who are passionate about arts, from Lebanon, the Arab world and around the globe. Likewise, we pay tribute to the Baalbeck International Festival Committee who, through this yearly event, become torchbearers, keeping the flame of ancient Heliopolis, the city of art, culture and beauty, forever burning brightly.

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