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Baalbeck International Festival 2015

Baalbeck International Festival 2015
07.07.2015 - 07.09.2013
Time: 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Place: Baalbeck

Official Partner of Baalbeck International Festival 2015

This year’s Baalbeck International Festival is a glorious celebration of decades of artistic achievements and Libano-Suisse is extremely proud to return for the third consecutive year as its dedicated partner. It was in 1956 that the region’s very first multidisciplinary festival launched – a true platform for diverse performances that range from classical to Oriental, and from jazz to contemporary. Baalbeck International Festival is also a firm supporter of emerging artists, thereby safeguarding a bright future for Lebanon. At the dawn of its 60th year, the festival is sending out a powerful message to the world that the flourishing of culture on Lebanese soil will always prevail, and will always triumph, no matter what. This culturally vibrancy will be shared with the world this year through the featuring of Lebanese musical performers and composers on July 7 at the festival of Aix en Provence, Baalbeck’s twin city.

Libano-Suisse is almost as old as the Baalbeck International Festival itself, with more than 55 years of serving the Lebanese and regional markets. Throughout all of these decades we have always been a firm supporter of creative, artistic and cultural activities, regarding them as vital to encouraging dialogue between communities, building bridges between our country and the world, and providing a platform for freedom of expression.

The opening night of the Baalbeck International Festival this year is titled “Illik Ya Baalbeck” and pays a stunning tribute to the town, the festival and its magnificent heritage. On this opening night we will witness the culmination of a collaboration between writers, musicians, and Lebanese artists who have successfully carried the name of Lebanon to the world. Taking place on the steps of the famed Bacchus Temple, this night and all that follow will once again act as a symbol of solidarity and plurality, which unites all Lebanese with the world in a celebration of cultural wealth. To be a partner in such an event is a true honor for Libano-Suisse, and we wish the Baalbeck International Festival a long and illustrious life to come.

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