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Workmen Compensation Insurance Explained

Workmen Compensation Insurance Explained

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to be your own boss? To be able to set your own hours, decide what, where, when, and with whom to work? It really sounds like living the dream, doesn’t it?


If you are an actual business owner however, you will probably be aware that reality is not all roses. Instead, it brings with it loads of obligations and stress, not the least being the responsibility for the livelihood, safety and wellness of your employees; 


What is the Risk?

Say a worker or a number of workers are accidentally hurt while performing their regular duties at work. Lebanese legislation requires employers to meet the costs associated with any injury to their employees resulting from work-related accidents, regardless of who is at fault. These costs may be relatively low in case of a minor injury, or they can be prohibitive involving a serious injury requiring long term treatment, or a large number of employees being hurt at the same time. They can also include payments in case of disability and even death.


Concerned about a lack of financial protection against worker injuries?

Buy Workmen’s Compensation insurance. The policy not only ensures that your company is complying with local regulations regarding insurance coverage, but is also necessary to protect your business. Otherwise, you would be required to pay compensation at your own expenses if you are not insured.


How to choose the best insurer?

Pass off the risk to a reputable insurance provider; one that will stay by your side all the way and cover all expenses as per legislation, no matter how serious the case or how long the period of treatment.


Regardless of the environment at a business, workplace accidents are always a possibility. The cost of Workmen’s Compensation insurance is negligible  compared to the costs associated with employee medical bills, disability and death compensation or indemnities.


To learn more about Workmen Compensation insurance or to request a quote, please click here 


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