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Claims Procedures


Workmen Compensation

In case of injury, you must follow the below steps:

  • Fill in the declaration form already received with the insurance policy. The injured to head to the nearest hospital.
  • Provide the company with a copy of the declaration form along with the medical report, prescription and medicines bills.
  • Inform Libano-Suisse when the injured is back to work and/or in case he needs any medical follow-up.
  • Insured to collect from Libano-Suisse the rest days indemnity and the medicines bills and to sign a discharge and other legal documents.
Our Workmen Compensation Claims Department is always available to assist you in any of your claims or queries on the following number: +974-44664406 and/or send us an e-mail to

You can also contact us on the following WhatsApp number: +974 5582 7569
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