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Workmen’s Compensation

Workmen’s Compensation
Employers of any grade and size are obliged to insure their employees to ensure legally regulated compensation in the event of accidents and resultant bodily injuries whilst at work as the employers are legally liable to pay compensation to their employees in case of work accidents which caused temporary and/or permanent disabilities and death. This insurance provides reasonable protection for employers as per Qatari Labor Law.

Another feature attached to this product is Employer’s Liability. Sometimes, by the circumstances and nature of work accidents or death or permanent disabilities due to unspecified or unknown reasons, but so far as the injured person or persons are under the sponsorship or employment of an organization or Qatari citizen, court may award the indemnity amount under the Employer’s Liability. Such times of circumstances can be covered under Employer’s Liability.
  • Medical Expenses.
  • Temporary Disablement Indemnity.
  • Partial Permanent Disablement Indemnity.
  • Total Permanent Disablement Indemnity.
  • Death Indemnity.
  • This cover is subject to a full proposal form.
  • Age bracket is 18-65 years old.
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