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Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment
In this technologically advanced modern world, electronic devices and equipment made everything easy especially in the arena of healthcare, safety, security, communication, inspection, reporting, diagnosis and even in production field. Since these devices are the combination of software and hardware, it exposed to breakdown or shutdown due to sudden power fluctuation or other reasons followed by serious damages to the equipment. This risk can be insured against Electronic Equipment insurance products.
Electronic Equipment insurance policy provides coverage for electronic equipment against any accidental and unforeseen damage.

Material damage cover under Electronic Equipment insurance may be subscribed for all electronic systems, such as Electronic data processing systems, medical equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, telecommunications systems, and equipment in film, radio and television studios, measurement and test equipment, machines for producing printed matter, burglar alarm and fire alarm systems, electronic point-of-sale terminals and scales, cash dispensing machines, traffic control systems, attendance and access recording systems, etc.
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