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Though money is a medium for transaction of wealth, in the modern age money values a lot and hence preserving money with enough security is unavoidable.
  • Unfortunate and sudden loss of money may be a reason for temporary collapse of a person or an organization or at least produce immense pressure and agony.
  • Since cash is exposed to high risk of theft and burglary, one can reasonably transfer the risk to insurers by acquiring a Money policy both in Safe and in Transit.
Money is the medium of trade and exchanges of materials. Therefore, money is everywhere which requires transaction and safety deposits. The cash within the safe custody as well its carryings to and from Banks, customers, client and principals can be protected under Money insurance both for Cash in Safe and in Transit.

Money / Cash In Transit and, Cash In Safe

Policies cover you against loss of Cash, Currency Notes, Coins, and Securities for Money, Postal Orders, Stamps, and Cheques whilst in transit to final destination and/or in locked safe.
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