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Marine Hull


Libano-Suisse Yacht Insurance cover includes:
  • Third Party and Passenger Liability cover as standard.
  • Cover for additional items such as dinghies / tenders, outboard motors and personal effects (On agreed terms)
Marine Hull
This product provide cover for all types of pleasure craft including Yachts, Powerboats. All boats must be based in Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait where our company is operative with a possibility to be extended to other countries where and when necessary and at terms to be agreed.

Motor boat insurance/Hull, Motor Yacht owners can insure their Motor boat against Hull and Machinery and associated third party liabilities arising out of accidents whilst in cruising. Liability insurance is obligatory in order to register in Marinas for membership. By completing the attached proposal form, customer can approach us for immediate action and issue policy. An online quote cannot be provided because of the Reinsurance involvement.
  • Third Party and Passenger Liability cover as standard.
  • Cover for additional items (dinghies / tenders, outboard motors and personal effects not exceeding 2 % of vessel sum insured with minimum USD 500.00 – Maximum USD 2,500.00).

Navigational limits within the Lebanon and or Qatar and or Kuwait Coastal Waters– Vessels must be permanently moored in Lebanese or Qatar or Kuwait Waters. (If your cruising range extends beyond above coastal waters of Lebanon, Qatar or Kuwait, please advice) – Normally the coastal waters definition id: All tidal areas within 12 miles from shore.
  • Jet Skis, Personal Water Craft or Jet Bikes.
  • Racing Risks.
  • Commercial use /Rental or otherwise.
Al vessels over 5 years old using coastal waters with a sum insured greater than USD 10,000.00 are subject to survey report. Survey reports carried out within the last two years are acceptable. If a survey is required we will require confirmation that the surveyor's recommendations have been implemented.

No cover afloat from 1st November To 31st March, Except in Marinas approved by Libano-Suisse Sal Insurance Company or provided that the vessel is taken from the Water after each use.
Vessels exceeding 35 Knots will be declined. The following activities are excluded: waterskiing, the pulling of rings, bananas, tubes, etc.
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