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Contractors’ All Risks


  • Provides confidence of the Contractor and safe planning.
  • Reduces tensions with regard to the unforeseen mishaps and resultant financial losses.
  • Provides continuity of works till the end of any given project, if insured.
  • Provides assurance for the completion of the project.
Contractors’ All Risks
Risk Builders, Infra-structure developers, turn-key projects etc. are required their properties and Liabilities insured till the completion and handing over the projects to their principals. In public Sector, this insurance is obligatory as in the absence of such an insurance cover, Consultants for major contracts shall not give clearance to go ahead. Since projects, irrespective of their nature and size, require huge investments and risks accumulate parallel to the progress of the project along with its inherent potentials of the Third Party liability exposure.

A Contractor is unable to afford not insuring such large projects as it is beyond the capacity of anyone or any organization to assume such large liabilities alone. Therefore, insuring such projects and Contracts are the best options being the part of viable planning and risk transfer.

CAR insurance, also known for being the contract works insurance, provides comprehensive coverage against unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage during the construction process.

Cover can also include the principal’s existing property, contractors’ plant, equipment and machinery at the project site, cost for removing debris and loss or damage to third parties arising from the execution of the project.

Small and medium size onshore projects can be arranged immediately upon demand by filling up the attached proposal form and return along with the signed contract and scope of work pages of the tender documents or contract documents. Since offshore and large contracts need Reinsurance support, it would take at least three working days to bind cover and issue documents after confirmation of the quotation.
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