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Public Liability


  • Protecting Commercial Companies from unforeseen legal liabilities and legal actions.
  • Providing liability shield for unexpected claims arising out from customers and neighbors.
Public Liability
Public Liability insurance is designed for providing reasonable protection to the commercial arena and the business community in general irrespective or their size and nature. An unexpected, unforeseen and unbudgeted liability may arise at any time during the exercise of business from the customers or third parties as the victims of any incidents that unfortunately one becomes a party. Public Liability claims would be vary in consideration of the nature and fatality and sometimes the quantum of loss goes beyond the imagination and exceeds the limit one can afford. Public Liability provides reasonable protection from such mishaps, unfortunate and embarrassing circumstances.

By filling up the attached proposal form and forward to us, Commercial Companies can get a quote on the next working day and can have a pleasant discussion over the scope of cover in detail and existence of risks and its management.
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