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MENA Plus Plan


  • Unlimited Coverage
  • Guaranteed Renewability
  • International Coverage for emergencies including USA and CANADA
  • The coverage includes personal accident up to USD 10,000
MENA Plus Plan
The Individual & Family plan “MENA PLUS “health program is a comprehensive health insurance. It offers coverage options and variations to suit the clients' budget and place of residence through a wide network of providers throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Worldwide for emergencies. It includes numerous added value features and solutions.

The Guaranteed Renewability is a feature that guarantees the renewal of the medical insurance coverage year after year regardless of the health condition of the client. This is as long as the client has been covered under the policy for one full uninterrupted year.
  • Unlimited financial coverage, 24-hour a day, all year round.
  • All diagnostic endoscopic and surgical procedures.
  • Prosthesis related to post traumatic accidents.
  • Physiotherapy treatment related to a covered hospitalization.
  • Mesh related to hernia surgery.
  • Pre existing medical conditions after one year of insurance. If the insured was previously insured under another similar plan, he might benefit from the continuity in coverage as from inception.
  • Maternity benefits including delivery, medically mandated abortion, miscarriage and epidural after one year of insurance.
  • GlobeMed Baby Benefit offers medically eligible newborn babies the following coverage:
    • Circumcision, at birth, for male infants.
    • Boarding costs of a nursery or incubator for a period of up to six days.
    • One pediatrician consultation.
    • Medical expenses for the treatment of jaundice.
    • 25 congenital cases correctable by surgery.
In addition to these features, Libano-Suisse has developed additional tools to provide you with exceptional customer service.
  • Electronic file for every adherent in the policy: Based on provided information, GlobeMed will create an electronic file in its database.
  • Access Card: Libano-Suisse will issue a personalized access card to all beneficiaries that denote:
    • Beneficiary’s name.
    • Details Coverage.
    This card facilitates admission to providers’ network and receiving treatment for covered benefits.
With their magnetic access card adherents can get ambulatory or diagnostic tests performed on out-of-hospital basis, at any of the centers within the network of providers.
  • The ambulatory network is directly linked to GlobeMed server thereby giving immediate access to the coverage and medical tests information database.
  • Physiotherapy, Kinesitherapy.
(The insured patient will be required to pay 20% coinsurance of the services cost.)
With the magnetic access card, patients can get their prescribed medicines from the nearest pharmacy within the network of providers.

The PMB plan provides the following benefits:
  • Cover for acute medications prescribed by the attending physicians.
  • Coverage for the great majority of vaccines recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
(The insured patient will contribute in 20% co-insurance of the medication cost.)
It covers physician’s consultation fees in the clinic. The insured patient may use the services of any physician within the network of hospitals with unlimited number of transactions up to 300 QAR per visit and 50 QAR co-insurance.
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