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Health Group Standard


  • Limited and or/Unlimited financial coverage
  • Comprehensive Network of Providers
  • 24 hours a day call center
Health Group Standard
The Group standard is a group-focused solution tailored to deliver the highest quality of affordable and flexible healthcare coverage through a wide network of providers all over Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, North Africa and South - East Asia as well as a host of value added features.

Scope of cover

  • 180,000 QAR Financial Limitation.
  • Medical expenses resulting from emergency case and accidents including work related accidents.
  • All endoscopic and surgical procedures.
  • Prosthesis related to post traumatic accidents.
  • Physiotherapy treatment related to a covered hospitalization.
  • Maternity benefits including delivery, medically mandated abortion, miscarriage and epidural. (Optional).
  • Dental benefits including (Tooth Extraction, amalgam filling, neurectomy and x-ray except panoramic (Optional).
  • Morgue and last expenses.
  • Radiotherapy treatment and chemotherapy.
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