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  • Commercial Companies who dealt with cash transactions can allay their worries over the infidelity and consequential financial impact in the business.
  • Finance Managers can manage their financial risks due to infidelities, unfaithfulness and disloyalties of the team members.
  • Traders can be able to plan their business and distribution channels with minimum risk by acquiring Fidelity Guarantee policies with reasonable indemnity limits.
Fidelity Guarantee insurance is designed to protect the business people against the threat of sudden financial hammering, due to the disloyal acts of team members and/or Cashiers and/or cash collectors. Good faith and trust is the basis of any business but no one can guarantee others’ trust for a long time. Sudden and unexpected hit on the tempered financial thread may easily undermine the financial stability and sustainability of any organization. By acquiring Fidelity Guarantee policy for all those who are exercising direct or indirect cash of the organization, the management can be released of related worries and plan the future.

By filling and forwarding the attached proposal form, a quote can be obtained on the next working day and can communicate at following addresses for further discussions on the scope of cover and identification of risks.
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