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Atout Chef


  • Specially tailor-made for Chefs
  • Availability of Four different plans
  • Reasonable price
  • Possibility of upgrading coverage
Atout Chef
A tailor-made Personal Accident insurance policy for Restaurant Chefs providing compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental and visible events.

Clarifying the cover - what does that mean?

The company will pay the benefits set out in the below schedule if any time during the period of this insurance, the insured shall sustain a bodily injury resulting from an accident causing accidental death.
This benefit is payable following a severe accident that prevents the insured person from returning to their pre-accident usual job.

Partial disability is defined as any type of disability in which the insured person is unable to perform at full physical capacity. This is usually due to a severe injury.

A total disability when the insured person is prevented from performing any work at all on account of the injury or condition. This is generally defined as the loss of the use of both legs, arms, hands, or eyes, or any two such parts.
This is a weekly benefit, payable when the insured person becomes unable to follow their usual occupation as a result of injury.

Payments are normally made for a maximum benefit period of 52 weeks.
The Personal Accident policy maintains a list of events and circumstances that void the insured's entitlement to his or her accidental death benefit.

Death by illness, suicide, non-commercial radiation, war injury, and natural causes are generally not covered. Similarly, death while under the influence of any non-prescribed drugs or alcohol is most likely exempt from coverage. Overdose with toxic or poisonous substances and injuries during a professional sporting event may void the right to claim too (Please refer to the General conditions for full list of exclusions).
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